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  • Forfatterens bildeTINEX Group AS

PrecisionWave | DAB+ & FM Tunnel Break In system | DAB+ & FM Repeater | Software Defined Radio.

Autorisert distributør av PrecisionWave i Norge.

PrecisionWave leverer blant annet DAB+ Voice Break-in System til tunneler i Norge.

Systemene leveres blant annet i Norge av Trafsys og Site Service.

Kontakt oss for mer informasjon på eller 40 43 44 40.

TINEX Group representerer PrecisionWave i Norge, Finland og Sverige.

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DAB+ & FM Tunnel Voice Break-In (or In-house)

Industry leading technology and field proven DAB+ and FM Tunnel Voice Break-in devices for emergency situations in tunnels or buildings.

We provide both digital (DAB+) and analog (FM) emergency voice break in devices.

Why should you choose PrecisionWave VBI devices? Our VBI devices not only offer many unprecedented features such as up to 6 ensembles in a single unit (DAB+) or 32 FM channels with fully customizable RDS messages, but they are industry's lowest power consuming and smallest devices, saving substantial cost both in installation and over the total lifetime. Plus: we are more than happy to customize and incorporate your requirements.

DAB+/UKW Repeater

Small, all-inclusive DAB+/UKW repeater system

What is it about? Did you ever drive in to a tunnel listening to the radio playing your favorite song when suddenly there was no signal? We have the solution for operators of tunnels or large buildings: a cost efficient, high-quality DAB+ repeater and signal re-conditioning system.

Embedded Software Defined Radio

Highly customizable SDR platforms that will fit your need and budget

What SDR platforms do we offer? Currently we have two different plaforms available. One for stand-alone high-performance applications (embedded SDR platform), the other for standard SDR applications or dedicated work (No-CPU SDR platform). Check the hardware section just below for details. With one of our software defined radio platforms you can't be wrong: our hardware combines a 150MHz input bandwidth, 2x2 MIMO operation, lowest phase-noise clocking and easily exchangeable, fully customizable front-end units with the real-time signal processing capabilities of Xilinx FPGA fabric and multi-core ARM processors.


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