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Kathrein Broadcast har i samarbeid med PrecisionWave utviklet Kathrein Signal Analyzer "KSA".

Vi representerer Kathrein BCA i Norge og PrecisionWave i Norge, Sverige og Finland.

KATHREIN BROADCAST strengthens its position in the field of signal analysis by co-operating with PRECISIONWAVE AG

KATHREIN BROADCAST has been successfully marketing the well-introduced signal analysis and measurement solutions of the Swiss company Enkom AG under the name KATHREIN SIGNAL ANALYZER, "KSA", for the last three years.

Enkom AG is now withdrawing from this market segment due to business refocusing.

For the future, KATHREIN Broadcast GmbH will work together with the Swiss specialist for digital signal processing, PrecisionWave AG Solothurn (CH), which has recently taken over this product family. To emphasize that, the two companies have signed a cooperation agreement.

The cooperation makes possible a successful evolution of the KSA product with the new digital broadcasting standards, e.g. DAB+ and 5G broadcast, and may also to be extended to other fields, such as broadcast coverage via repeaters...

Kontakt oss på sales@tinexgroup eller 40 43 44 40 for mer informasjon.


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