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KATHREIN Digital Systems GmbH

Vi leverer Kathrein DS produkter i Norge.

Vi har et stort utvalg:

  • 1-Port Omni Antennas

  • 2-Port Omni Antennas

  • 1-Port Directional Antennas

  • 2-Port Directional Antennas

  • Low/High Power Splitters

  • Tapper

  • Directional Couplers

  • Hybrid Combiner

  • Termination

TINEX Group AS har mer enn 25 års erfaring med levering av Kathrein produkter i Norge.

Last ned PDF under:

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Kontakt oss på eller 40 43 44 40 for mer informasjon

KATHREIN Digital Systems is the market leader in digital satellite reception technology and a strong partner to resellers, trades and end-customers. KATHREIN Digital Systems reliably connects people and entertainment media like few others, based on innovative technologies and full-service support, from project planning through to commissioning. Thanks to its nationwide sales network and dedicated expert team, KATHREIN Digital Systems offers fast access, local availability and collaborative partnership with all market players.

The Kathrein brand has been a mark of quality for over 100 years, and the traditional company based in Rosenheim today supplies products in the fields of SAT reception, broa

dband cable networks, camping and caravanning, DAB+ radios, network technology and passive DAS.

The company’s development, technical support and logistics functions, and much of its production, are ‘Made in Germany’. KATHREIN Digital Systems is committed to high quality standards, continuous development and consistent sustainability in all products and processes.

For more information visit

TINEX Group AS has cooperated with the Kathrein group since 1990s. Contact us on sales@tinexgroup,no for information.

We can deliver In-Building Wireless Solutions from Kathrein DS.

Download Product PDF catalogue:

Last ned PDF • 3.31MB


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