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New Platform Architecture (NPA) | fra Ericsson | 378 Series | 448 Series | 488 Series | 5G RAN

TINEX Group AS er forhandler av Ericsson Antenna System i Norge (Tidligere Kathrein).

Ny serie fra Ericsson (Gamle Kathrein):

  • 378 Serien

  • 448 Serien

  • 488 Serien

Our New Platform Architecture is a modular approach to optimally address all our customers' needs. With three widths: 378mm, 448mm and 488mm we offer our customers with a complete package, from ultra-compact site space optimized solutions to high gain capacity/coverage enhancing solutions. Our antenna portfolio offers a comprehensive height range starting from 1.5m to 2.6m as well as a wide port count range from 8 ports up to 21 ports.
Innovative vortex generators provide up to ~30% lower wind load and smaller form factor reduces weight by ~25% resulting in lower operational site expenses
We were the first in the market with this compact 378mm form factor for multi-band antennas with 2 side-by-side low-band arrays.

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World’s smallest antenna with true broadband side-by-side lowband array:

  • 12 Port (4x698-960MHz, 4x1427-2690MHz, 4x1695-2690MHz)

  • Revolutionary leap from 508mm to 378mm while maintaining great RF performance

  • L-band for supplemental downlink

  • Optimal side lobe behavior through advanced dipole feeding concept

  • Reduced tower rental costs thanks to:

  • 25% less weight (compared to current platform) – TCO

  • 30% less wind load (compared to current platform) – TCO

  • Relaxed tower construction (statics benefit) – TCO

  • Avoiding PIM caused by frequency combination of 700/800/900 MHz

  • Two lowband arrays offer the possibility to run 700 MHz (and 900 MHz) on one array and 800 MHz on the other array in order to avoid possible PIM issues.

  • Increased data throughput at no additional antenna cost

  • The previous 378 platform (only 1 lowband array) can be easily replaced by introducing the new 378 platform (2 lowband arrays) by having the benefit of running 4T4R MIMO on the lowband.

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